Daylight Saving Time - are you configured for it?

Just a reminder that DST goes into effect this Sunday, March 10 at 2:00am local standard time.

Since we last changed the clocks, IoTaWatt has been enhanced to support automatic DST time adjustment. To enable the automatic adjustment, you should set the time zone to the time offset for your local standard time. For EST that’s UTC-5, CST UTC-6… etc.

Then check the box “Allow Daylight Time” and save. Then cross your fingers.:grin:

If you are using PVoutput, this is especially important because IoTaWatt stamps the data with local time.


Then there are locations that don’t observe daylight savings time (Arizona in the States). I prefer to stick with UTC on my computers.

Thanks for picking up that error with PST. To be clear, you can specify one of these time zones and not use DST if it doesn’t apply.