Dealing with Iotawatt Parts shortage

Hello ,
I wanted to know if there are any replacements for parts such as the RTC and the 32kHz crystal as stated below?. @overeasy did provide an alternative to it (M41T81) but it seems sadly that’s not available either.Also when I replace these two parts , any changes I need to make or take care of ? Thanks .
RTC : PCF8523T/1
Crystal : CM250C32000AZFT

The two RTC are interchangeable with no firmware changes. They are recognized dynamically.

The crystal is a standard part for which you should be able to find available substitutes using a parametric search. Basically matching the form factor, frequency and capacitance.

Both RTC are out of stock globally ,arent there any other alternatives ?

Not mechanically and electrically as far as I know. The two supported models are not the same interface but firmware detects and adapts.

Sorry for the late reply , so i guess the only option for now is getting those pcf8523 adafruit RTC modules and de-soldering it .