[Derived Reference] Can two CTs be in the same phase?


I am not an electrician but I am configuring my CTs with the derived reference and I get this result if I put the CTs like this :

Which configuration seems the best ?

Also, I tried to put one CT for one phase only but the the CT3 has only 0.7 as PF :

I also tried another phase for CT3 but it will have only 0.23 as PF.
0.7 PF is the best arrangement if I want to put one CT at one phase.

There are literally dozens of combinations of phase assignment and CT orientation possibilities. Only one is correct. All I can tell you from these screenshots is that none of these appear to be correct.

The documentation has a methodology for ccnfiguring derived reference. It begins with getting phase A correct. You clearly have not done that because your phase A is reporting negative (reversed).

Revisit the documentation. If you still need help, we will need to start with pictures of your panel.

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Finally it works. The CTs were not placed in the right configuration by the electrician. They were not respecting the rotation phase order.

So the electrician changed the order of the CTs for each phase and now I have the same values as his electrician meter.

For example in my country :
Braun cable --> phase 1
Black cable --> phase 2
Gray cable --> phase 3

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