Device not browser accessible with "no update" firmware

Hi Bob,

I am trying to get my production unit working “off the cuff” with a new firmware build ( 02_05_03 ) ie. direct build with “none” set as update in config.txt.

I have tried the following and attached the msg file for each instance:

  1. Tried the new "staged version " ( update set to None ) - the result was build & update successful but i cannot reach device via browser ( can ping and see on router ). Another issue - may be a bug with staged version is that only 1 file was built in the Iotawatt folder ( iotamsgs.txt and not the other 2 log files ) and also the file was built in lowercase ( they normally all caps . )

  2. Staged version ( update set to Minor ) - same as point 1 above. I don’t know if either of the staged versions may have had the browser work on accessing the device as neither or rather both had the “log file” failure so i couldn’t really check properly i guess ( both were pingable and visible on router.

(ps. like the fact we using 2.3.2 and 0.15 wifi manager ) thought this would have fixed my browser connection issues - was hoping ).

  1. Master version ( update set to none ) - build and update all fine, message and log files created on SD card - this time all in CAPS, but now getting reset exceptions. ( again not connecting to browser )

  2. Finally - tested 02_05_00 with update set to minor - all worked, unit updated to 02_05_02 and I can connect to device via browser. This is all great if we want to keep building with old code and updating but naturally, it would be good to get working without an update to resolve the browser issue.

Please give me a heads up on what I could try to get 02_05_03 connecting to browser off the bat. Another thing, in each instance i tried on 2 varying wireless networks - 1 of them having no other devices connected besides router and Iotawatt.

I am happy to keep trying different tests to get something to work - just please let me know.

( logfiles attached ).
IOTAMSGS_master_minor_02_05_00.TXT (3.0 KB) IOTAMSGS_master_none.TXT (13.7 KB) iotamsgs_staged_minor.txt (1011 Bytes) iotamsgs_staged_none.txt (2.0 KB)

Hello Wayne,

Staged is what I’m working on. You are free to play with it, but it may change without notice and what you see is what you get.

I would discourage you from doing anything with the new core at this time.

Noted Bob. Still glad to see we are upping the platform :wink: Regarding my previous post - any advice on the Master version which didn’t resolve home screen via browser? Is there perhaps an older build i could try which will resolve without an update?

As long as you are building these yourself, I consider that to be homebrew with unknowns that I have no control over. I build and test releases, and that’s what I try to support. The releases, including binaries, are there in the git.

If your production unit is running a release below 02_05_03, then setting auto-update to ALPHA will download the latest official release of 02_05_03 which I built and tested.

WiFimanager is a class that provides AP configuration functionality using a captive portal. Most of the time, WiFimanager is not even being used on a restart where there is configured WiFi. It would have nothing to do with STA functionality or your ability to connect. The minimal changes made in this 0.15 release were primarily to resolve a coding ambiguity introduced with the new core. The original author appears to have abandoned the project years ago, and it appears to be on life support from a volunteer.

Happy with unkowns - just not wanting a hidden caveat that the build should always have an “auto-update” enabled to ultimately be accessible via browser? In simple terms - is it possible to build directly from the Master version of 02_05_03 with auto-updates set to “None” and have the device function via browser? ( thats the part i cannot for the life of me get right )…

The official release of 02_05_03 has been out there since Jan 24 with no reports of connection issues. In fact, no issues of any kind reported. There are a substantial number of ALPHA users. The git shows that master has not changed since Jan 23.

Notwithstanding that units are shipped with a config.txt file specifying MINOR, line 57 of getConfig sets the default auto-update in the firmware to NONE.

So my answer is yes, it’s possible.