Did your Home Assistant Energy stop between 1am EDT and 1am EST?

Curious to see if anyone else had this problem today.

Its very odd, but all 3 of mine just started doing a reboot loop out of the blue. Time change related?? I would have thought it would have done this earlier tho

Are you saying your IoTaWatt went into a reboot cycle and is that ongoing?

All 3 did but figured out why. Time change related but not on IoTaWatt side. Logs filled up file system on my server so emoncms couldn’t write to database anymore I guess since IoTaWatt couldn’t post data they went into a reboot cycle. I wouldn’t have expected that at all. Cleared logs. Restarted emoncms and they stopped reboot cycle.

Yes, this is a known issue in HASS and being adressed in at least 2 upgrades…

Is one example of a thread regarding DST-related crashes…

Here’s another: Home Assistant crashing after clocks changed? - Configuration - Home Assistant Community

And here’s an official announcement regarding the upgrades: 2021.11: Icon picker, device links and entity categories - Home Assistant