Difference between V4 and V5

I am about to purchase the IoTaWatt. I noticed there are both V4 and V5.

What are the differences between the two? Would I miss out any new features if I go for V4? Would future firmware upgrades go to the V5 only and not for the V4?

I am located in the US with 120V split-phase.

  • The V5 has the new enclosure with integrated wall mount. (V4 comes with an add on wall mount)

  • V5 has the ability to connect VT two additional VTs for direct reference three-phase.

Just the native direct reference three-phase.

So far, the current firmware runs on every hardware version that has been produced. The V5 and V4 use the same PCB with just some extra parts on the V5. there are no plans to abandon older platforms.