Dimensions with connectors?

Currently pondering what plastic enclosure to go with in an attempt to be NEC compliant, but I’m not quite sure what the minimum size requirements are for the iotawatt once all the wires are coming out of it.

I was originally hoping to use something like this as seen in other projects, but I would like to drill my own holes in order to line up with the knockouts of my wall mounted interior breaker panel.

I plan on having two short conduits run into the box: one for an in box plug, and the other for the CT wires. What do you think the minimum diameter size should be for the CT hole (with 14 connectors)?

Finally, bonus points if anyone can reccomend an enclosure!

Thank you!

Personally, I like the orbit box. There’s plenty of room for an IoTaWatt with plugs. The AC adapter and power supply fit nicely into the duplex GFCI.

The smaller hole for the 120V AC plug will accommodate 1/2" conduit and is plenty for 2 conductors plus ground.

The larger hole intended for the sprinkler control wires fits 3/4" plastic conduit, which is two small for 14 CT wires. 3/4" conduit can handle 7-8 CTs. If you drill it out to use 1" conduit, you can get 14 through pretty easily. There is a knockout on the back that will accept 1 1/4 conduit. You could also add additional 3/4 or 1 inch conduit sections by simply drilling out holes.

You will probably need the larger conduit if you use the ECOL09 solid core CTs as they are have heavier wires.

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Thank you for the details regarding the solid core CTs, as that is what I was planning on using. Do you think that a 1 1/4" conduit will work for 12 of the ECOL09 CTs and 2 of the 200 amp split cores?

Unfortunately the orbit box won’t work well with the box located to the right of the breaker panel.

I’m currently thinking something similar to this: https://community.iotawatt.com/uploads/db6340/original/1X/d89124c33a91f9dc503e8fde8751e0285a7f87e1.jpg

except with a bit of extra room for a plug and outlets (using a second conduit to the breaker panel).

Does anyone know what are the dimensions of the iotawatt with connectors plugged in?

yes I do.

The basic unit is 85mm x 125mm with an extra 13mm on each end of the V5 for the wall mount tabs.

3.5mm plugs need about 40mm + 15mm extra if you want to unplug them.

You need 45mm on top for the USB and AC plugs, same on the bottom if you do direct reference three-phase.

So overall width 55 + 85 + 55 = 195mm = 7.7"
overall height = 13 + 125 + 45 = 183mm = 7.2"

Thank you! I have placed my order!