Direct access to Status screen?

When I get on the IoTaWatt screen, I see four buttons: Setup, Status, Tools, Data.

I have to click on Status to look at the current power consumption.

Is there a way to directly access the Status screen without having to click on the Status button?


No, there is no way to do that right now. Also, the status display has tabs to show/hide various sections. Any way to automatically go to the status display would certainly lead to requests to be able to customize which tabs are open/closed. It’s a slippery slope.

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I see. I don’t think it will be a slippery slope. The default Status screen is the most useful screen (once the device has been set up). Would be great to be able to get there directly.

Currently., there is already the ability to go to the graph pages (graph.htm and graph2.htm) directly.

Yes, and the editor as well. Those are separate HTML pages. If status were a separate HTML page, you would be able to load that directly as well. But it isn’t. It’s integrated into the config app.

The product is open source. You can write a HTML/javascript page that can issue the /status query to the IoTaWatt and display what you want. If you do a clean job, I’d consider a PR to add something like that to the project.

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