Direct HTML Link to Status?

Hi, I’ve had my IoTaWatt for a few months now and it is doing a great job of identifying power vampires saving me lots of money essentially paying for itself.

I’m wondering if there is a direct link to the Status web page. Right now I go to the IP address and have to click the Status button. It would be nice just to go right there from a link. Also if I want to setup an old tablet as an always on display with no input I would use that link.

Great product. Please keep up the good work.

No, there is no link to load the app with status selected. It’s open source javascript, someone may be able to provide you with a tweak to do that.

That would be awesome. I have been known to write some code, where is this JavaScript you speak of?

This will get you the json:

If you just want the ins & outs:

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Thank you. I paste those into a browser and get a bunch of formatted text. I was hoping to just go to the status page. Is there a link to do that automatically? It would be ideal to use as an old tablet as a kiosk.

There isn’t a way to do this natively. I had to modify the html file with some additional javascript to accomplish this.

I wouldn’t mind sharing my changes, but I am not a professional developer and frankly am not sure how to go about it properly. (I’m open to suggestions!)

I had to add a javascript function, and a one-line edit to call that function from ‘setup’
It adds a single new key=value URL option, so appending “?s=” to the URL opens the status page. Some flags can be added after the equal sign to either expand or hide the different sections in the status screen, as well as to hide the menu buttons.

I’ve been using it on my two units, and a friend has been using it without complaints so far. That is however the full extent of “testing”
Oh, and the changes are against v0.6.1 of the index.htm file from the ‘stable’ release as of a couple months ago.

So far I just have the replacement index.htm file, a txt with the function alone, and a txt of instructions I wrote up for the previously mentioned friend.
If there’s any interest I’m sure we can figure something out to share it.

That sounds awesome. I am very interested in trying this. Please share.

Here’s my new github repo with my replacement index.htm file.

I hope the instructions aren’t too confusing, I only added some markdown to make github happy, and I’m sure there is a lot of room for improvement.

I know some of the ‘hide section’ options do not look ideal. My primary goal was to avoid changes to the html, and keep everything “self contained” in a single JS function.
Some of the elements can’t simply be marked as hidden or removed, as other parts of the code set them back to be shown every second.

There’s some screenshots in the examples folder.
My main use cases are ‘?s’ in my bookmarks to just open to the status screen, and ‘?s=x’ to hide the menu and all unused sections for my kiosk display:

Thank you for this. I really appreciate it. I tried it and it did not work. I tried putting the index.html back and with either index.html I get this now no matter what I put after the IP address.

Is there a way to get this back to original? As you suggested I should have not overwritten the index.html and just uploaded another file to call to reduce the risk of this happening.

I figured it out. You have to know how to get the raw .htm file without the github stuff. Thanks again!

This works great!

PS. Now I see what you did, I can customize it even more. Very cool. Do you know if there is a way to put it back to factory if I really mess it up?

I’m sorry, I’m new to github and didn’t know it defaulted to preview instead of raw. Glad to hear you got it though! I’ll see about adding a mention of that.

If you go to the main iotawatt website, the top has a link to his official git repo, and in the green “code” menu/button there’s a “Download ZIP”. In there is a folder called “SD” with all of the original files, including the original “index.htm”
As long as you have that and your devices edit.htm link, you can always upload the original file to overwrite any changes that broke things.

I don’t know how to do a full factory reset though.
I’ve only changed, broken, and replaced the index.htm file so far :}