Discount codes for IoTaWatt Stuff shop

The IoTaWatt Stuff Shop is featuring a 10% discount on all orders of $250 or more. Free shipping to the US and $10 flat rate shipping to Canada are also in effect for orders over $200.

Just use the link above to activate the 10% at checkout automatically, or use type in the code GRACIAS. The shipping discounts are automatic.

Is the code still valid? I’m hoping to get a system for my mom.
Thx :blush:

No, that was a previous promotion. The structure has changed. The pricing is overall lower now than it was when that discount was offered, and there is an automatic 10% discount on 6 ECS1050 CTs when ordered with an IoTaWatt. There is also free shipping to the USA and flat-rate shipping internationally.


Hi Bob is it possible to PM you for some possible large shipments of Iotawatts to Europe , was preciously sourcing from OpenEnergyMonitor ?
Thanks in advance !