DIY question about CT audio-jack-socket - tip switch needed?

Hello All.

Regarding the CT audio-jack-socket.
Is the version with the tip switch needed?

SJ-3523-SMT-TR vs SJ-3524-SMT-TR


Here is a nice explanation of how a tip switch works:

Only for channels 13 and 14.

If I want to use 3 AC reference transformers (3 phases not well balanced) can I skip the 13, 14 audio sockets installation entirely?
Probably I will also avoid the dc-sockets and solder AC reference transformers directly to the board (cost reduction).

I am not sure.
Assumption: If the 13, 14 tip switch is always-on then it probably ‘reports to the system’ that 13, 14 are not populated and this information is needed to do a sanity check in the scenario with 3 AC reference transformers present. In my case I would need to permanently solder some joints around 13, 14 to mimic tip switch behaviour?
Is that right?

Somewhere near magenta arrows?

Blind guess?
P$2_ADC7 join with P$4_N$7
P$2_ADC6 join with P$4_N$9

It is possible that I am preaching heresy now - this is my first adventure with pcb.

If anyone has some time to look at my previous post (with parts of diagrams) it would be great to hear one’s opinion.
Do I correctly interpret the role of the 13, 14 tip switches?