DIY question about Y1 - 32Khz crystal

Hello All.

I am trying to solder the board based on the .brd/.sch files from github.
The BOM from those files says about Y1 - 32Khz crystal.
The problem is that the information is long and different Digikey part numbers are mentioned there (535-9857-1-ND, 535-9869-6-ND, 535-9078-1-ND, …).
They seem to have different characteristics (4, 12, 16, 25, 27.12, 32.768 MHz).
Does that mean that those are the recommended / interchangeable and I can choose any one from the list?

Kind regards

IoTaWatt uses 32.768 crystal. For the requirements, look at the data sheet for the RTC.

Thank you for a swift reply!