Does anyone have total energy from an IoTaWatt Integrator available in Home Assistant?

With this PR, which was deployed in Home Assistant 2023.2, the _accumulated sensors were removed and it was suggested to replace them with IoTaWatt Integrators, which are more accurate. I’m trying to do that, but I don’t seem to have access to them in HA. If I create an output that is just the .pos of my integration, that gives two sensors in HA. The first is the power in watts, and the second is energy in wh, but that seems to just be a daily total and resets at midnight. I want a running total of energy used.

I’m just trying to get the total energy consumption in watt hours so I can create a sensor to show what my electric meter should read. I know I could use a HA integral on the power, but would rather use the IoTawatt integrator if that’s more accurate.

I seem to have both appearing in my sensor list. Here’s a pic of some of my sensors.

If you look for instance at Ducted_AC (which has its own CT), it shows a power sensor and two energy accumulation sensors, with one being a total accumulation and the other a day value by the looks of it.

I’m using the total accumulation value in HA Energy Dashboard.

Above that is Aircon, which is a calculated field in IotaWatt, adding up all the aircon circuits we have. It also has total accumulated and daily energy values.

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What version of HA are you using? The _accumulated sensors were removed in 2023.2. See the breaking changes here:


So that would explain it. Loss of accumulated sensors would suck.

Hmm, they should be removed in the version you have though. Are you sure your sensors are updating, or are they just the old values?

They are populating the Energy dashboard. Not all of these are from the IotaWatt, but all the ones I have included are:

That’s today’s data.

For anyone else with this problem, how I ended up fixing it is to create a “helper” in HA. When you add a helper there’s a Utility Meter type. I left the default options which are Net consumption and Delta values both being off, and meter reset cycle of No cycle.

That gives me a counter that only increases, and doesn’t reset to 0 every night. That’s enough if you just want a count of how many kWh you’ve used, but I also wanted to show what my actual electric meter should be reading. So then I just made a second helper which is using this template:
{{ ((states('sensor.house_total_energy_sum') | float / 1000.0) + 90334.3) | round(1) }}

Where sensor.house_total_energy_sum is the helper I made first, and 90334.3 was the difference between that value and my electric meter’s current value.

With the latest HA updates we now seem to have gone back to having 3 entities for every IoTaWatt sensor/output. These being (and their purpose as far as I can determine):

  1. - that shows the ‘now’ (updated every 30 seconds) in watts.
  2. - that shows the total wh for the day, be it a accumulating or net total (depending upon output formula used).
  3. - Not exactly sure what this provides and how its different from ??

As an example, here’s my Total_GPO sensor, that is an output using a formula tracking all Power (GPO) circuits for Phase 1+2+3.

  1. sensor.total_gpo shows:

  2. sensor.total_gpo.wh shows:

  3. sensor.total_gpo.wh_last shows: