Doesn't connect after power failures

I’ve noticed that after ever power failure I have both of my IoTaWatt’s (both with a single voltage ref input) fail to boot and have a red light. I have to unplug the voltage ref and the usb power, plug in the USB power wait for a few seconds then plug in the voltage ref. Seems to happen to both ever time I have a power failure. Given I can’t find any other reports of this, could it somehow be related to the voltage ref I am using or something? (i’m in Australia using a AC910)


What’s happening is that the IoTaWatt restarts much faster than your router, and fails to connect. Long story short it gives up on connecting and gets back to the business of monitoring power, logging to the datalog as usual. This state is indicated by the dull red glow - working but not connected to WiFi.

After an hour in this state, it will restart and hopefully successfully connect to WiFi, and resume normal operation. Any backlog to PVoutput, influxDB, or Emoncms will be filled from data in the datalog. The downside is that you don’t have access to the unit for an hour unless you restart it manually (power cycle).

The underlying problem is that the package that manages WiFi connection cannot run at the same time as power monitoring. So at some point the primary mission must be resumed.

There are some changes in the staged firmware to try to mitigate this situation a little better, but for now, it’s a manageable issue.

Thanks. Mine isn’t reconnecting after an hour though, I noticed because I got a email from PVoutput saying nothing had been uploaded for about 4 hours.
It isn’t a big issue, and happy to wait for improvements later.
And the backlog doesn’t get uploaded to pvoutput or emoncms either.

Might try to power cycle the IoTaWatt and report back the LED sequences during and after startup.