Double check my pre-oder

Here is my plan for my first IoTaWatt. I was hoping to get some expert eyes on it before pulling the trigger.

It looks like all the 240v circuits are split phase, so it seems easiest to buy 2 50 A for each instead of trying to bend the thick wire for the double pass through. The top left is 30 amp AC, 2nd left is 40 amp range, and top right is 30 amp dryer. Bottom right is the 50 amp EV charger. I was planning on 2 x 100 for the EV to have some overhead. A couple 2 x 50 amps for the some other 15/20 amp circuits.

And I think I have plenty of room for 2 Echun 200A for the mains.

Thank you!

240V circuits require two CTs only if they have a third neutral wire. Typically AC, and EV do not but check.

I wouldn’t oversize the EV as you can’t oversize the breaker without upsizing the cable anyway. Stick with the 50s (one if no neutral).

Youve got plenty of room for either 200A type. I’d go with the split-core. They are less expensive and given your 400A service I’d guess you have an upstream shutoff to deenergize the mains during installation.