Dull-red LED even after reboot (resolved)

I swapped out my router the other day. When I got the new one setup all my devices came back online except Iotawatt.

When I look at it, there is a constant dull red LED. I read the troubleshooting doc and it says to reboot and if it cannot connect to the previous WIFI it should go into AP mode. I’ve done this three times now and all I ever get is a dull red LED, it never starts flashing or going into AP mode.

I can connect to the wifi with my phone right next to the Iotawatt. So I’m fairly certain wifi works. What can I do to get it to wake up?

It is no longer uploading data to PVoutputs, I cannot access it via the IP, it hasn’t even logged into the router to DHCP its IP.


Does the new router use the same SSID, have the same security setting, and use the same password?

If so, are you saying your other devices came up without intervention?

Are you restarting the IoTaWatt by power cycling the USB power supply?

Yes, the access point didn’t change, just the internet router that runs DHCP.
yes, yes and yes.


Thanks! Your questions made me think, which is kind of dangerous :slight_smile:

When I replaced my router, I had to get my VLANs up and running. I suspect that at some point during those reboots, the iotawatt got an IP address on the wrong subnet. I thought that after the lease expired it would get the proper IP address, like my other devices, but this didn’t happen.

so I temporarily changed the wifi password, rebooted and it came up in AP mode. I was then able to set the password back, and setup the iotawatt for the wifi again. All up and running again.


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It should have been logging everything during the outage and your PVoutput should be up to date.

Yep, I see it all updated.