Dull Red Light no AP

Hey guys I think I setup my iotawatt a LONG time ago (nearly a year) but never installed it. My electrician is coming this week so I am trying to bench test this unit before I go outside and install it. I have a dull red light, can’t find an AP network name. When I plug it into my computer and use putty I get some weird characters and nothing really readable. Is there a way to get the unit to revert BACK to AP mode? The instant I power it the LED is dull red. I never get any blinking whatsoever. I look in my network setup and its clearly NOT connecting.

Any recommendations to get it back to factory default?

I reflashed the ESP12 and it is now on the network! I am pretty excited - now I will check it out!


With Putty, can you set the baud rate to 115200 and see if you get anything when you start it up. Also, please be sure that the AC reference transformer is connected.

It will have the original firmware installed. There is not much else that can be reset.