Easy way to short CT's?

I’m wondering if anyone has any tips for shorting out CT’s? I need to install all 14 CT’s and getting them in the right place is going to be quite the task

If I could short them all out to avoid damage, it would be very handy. Any tips? I thought about just taping some copper wire to the connectors, but I’m unsure if I could do it well

The accu CTs have diodes that short them when disconnected. When I want to be double sure, I usually wrap some aluminum foil around the jack.

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Foil, clever!

Do the ECS25200’s also have those diodes?

Yes they do but I am not selling those now. They are very expensive and come from China so with the 25% import duties and roughly doubled shipping costs they are not practical.


I have I think 6 from my last few orders