ECS 200amp CT OK on mains bus bar?

The directions for the CTs in my IoTaWatt US Bundle indicate these are best suited to the mains. Looking at my panel, I have some mains that are not insulated and no cable available past the 200amp main breaker that I can clamp on to.

I’m (probably my electrician) planning on attaching the clamp onto the bus bar between the meter and the breaker but wondered if anyone encountered this type of box before?

Haven’t had this come up before. If you give the model of the CT, I can provide a link to the manufacturer data sheet. Your electrician should make the call as to whether it complies with your applicable codes.

Thanks for the quick response, I’m installing the 2 mains CT’s I got with the US bundle, Current Transformer 200A x 24mm split-core × 2. The model number is ECS24200 I believe.

The data sheet is here: