Eek.. hot water kicked in and everything went weird

I had my Iotawatt installed today (single phase, 240V with solar).

I thought it was measuring relatively well all day today… but after my kids had a shower, the hot water kicked in and everything went haywire:

It’s 5:45pm on a cloudy day… I am absolutely not producing that much solar.

Also, my “reverse” icons will sometimes come on… sometimes go off.

BTW, here are my outputs:

Any ideas on where to start?

I am not seeing an icon that the Mains is reversed but I have enabled that box anyway:

It now looks like this:

This is a sensible number for the Mains but ridiculous for the solar. What are the chances the electrician clipped the solar CT to the Main? Or is it “sensing” the wrong wire? Why did the polarity need to be reversed?

It does look like it. A picture of the wiring with CTs would be helpful if possible.

I agree, your solar is probably 56 Watts plus any unmeasured loads.

It’s somewhat arbitrary and depends on the polarity of the VT. It does appear that it was wrong in your first post and subsequently is correct with reversed checked.

Here’s an image from.tofay with the solar doing something:

I think this is what confused my yesterday because they were obviously different… But in this case, I think it’s just the checkbox in input 1 has allowed the input to go negative, not present in input 2.

Annoying but I will have to get the electrician back to open the panel for me (where I am in Australia, this is exposed to the street) to fix it.

Kind of cool I guess to see that despite one of the CTs being reversed and of two different models, they are basically identical in measurement.

Do try to get some pictures while it’s open, and if possible, verify through IoTaWatt that it’s right after the rework.

Will do.

Meanwhile, I’ve setup my outputs like below:

And now I’m wondering if that’s a pretty accurate way of getting what I want to achieve anyway. I have the inverter providing me solar generation, but I think for the purposes of seeing what is importing vs exporting, this could work?

In other words, I don’t actually need to know the solar generation to figure out the import vs export?