Emoncms does not recognize iotawatt

Do i need to configure emonhub

Emonhub, as I understand it, is a bridge between EmonTX and other radio (or USB?) sensor node and either an EmonPi or Emoncms.org. I believe the Emonhub formats the data from the TX and forwards it as HTTP.

The IoTaWatt sends its data as HTTP directly to either an EmonPi or Emoncms.org (or any other hosted instance of Emoncms), obviating the need for the intermediary Emonhub.

The steps to configure the IoTaWatt to send data to Emoncms are described in the IoTaWatt documentation here

Once configured, the IoTaWatt will send data to Emoncms, which will automatically create Emoncms inputs. From there, you must create process lists within Emoncms to permanently store the time-series data as feeds.

slightly different problem: I can see my Iotawatt graphs directly from the Iotawatt, but at sea tryiong to get my local Emoncms to read the data.
My local EmonCMS is an Intel NUC, running latest Lubuntu. When I get to the configuration page, I see boxes for Node, Name Location & Device Key. (Bit of stuffing around getting that all working!)
My issues are that the Iotawatt is not on a static IP & does not seem to answer to iotawatt.local. The Iotawatt is on a TPLink TL841Ǹ set up as an AP. (All working cos I can see the Iotawatt data directly), If the system resets, the address might not be the same. The other issue is actually setting up the local EmonCMS. Can I get a Device Key so the data is compressed to my local server?
Could you give me some help please so I can get my EmonCMS working properly.

My intention is to set up timed & demand charging for both my Electric cars. We just bought a Hyundai Kona electric (12 months old as a ´Demonstrator´) & our old Imiev, 8 years old & 130000 Kms.

My Iotawatt is set up in my farm shed (On the Northern Rivers, NSW ,Australia) where I have a 15Kw solar system on 2 of Solar Edge optimised SE5000 inverters, on a split-phase rural power system. There is also 8Kw of Lithium Titanate (Zenaji) batteries hanging off a Victron charger-inverter. The inverters talk through a hub back to the house. The AP hooks to the hub too.

regards, Doug
Ps: like the product: so much easier than other options. Love Open Source!

Set your Iotawatt to a static address with a DHCP reservation in your router. I’m going to assume your router is a TL-WR841N (not a TL841N) and it supports address reservation for DHCP.

That said, the IotaWatt contacts Emoncms not the other way so as long as Iotawatt has the address of your NUC/EmonCMS (which must be either static or resolvable over DNS) then it should be simple to configure.

Do you have Emoncms running to the point you so you can log in? Once your account is created emoncms generates a “write API key” and you then copy that to the Iotawatt configuration. Not sure what you are asking re compressed data - do you have storage issues?

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