emonCMS fails on 02_03_13

My IoTaWatt auto-updated to 02_03_13 on 9/12 (updates set to MAJOR). Uploads to emonCMS ceased around five days thereafter, having worked very reliably for months preceding this event. Log here: iotamsgs.txt (9.7 KB)

The IoTaWatt seems to be functioning ok - the status in iotawatt.local shows current power correctly, and the LED is flashing green as normal. Device hardware is around one year old (ordered Oct 2017, but only installed Jan 2018). Looking through the forums though it doesn’t seem to be related to old datalogs (Problems with datalog on older units (>1 year)) as I have flashing green LED (not solid green).

One clue may be that in status on iotawatt.local under emoncms it reports:
Stop Running. Last update 01/01/1970 10:00:00

Any suggestions?

There was a power failure between 9/17/18 6:30 and 9/17/18 10:06. Can you tell me anything about that? Also, could you post your config (w/o the Emon writekey or PM to me).

Yep, I did a power off-on cycle at approx 9/17 10:00 when I realised it wasn’t uploading to see if that helped. I should add, and omitted to do so in my initial description, that the IoTa was showing solid green LED when I went to check the unit (having noted it wasn’t uploading to emon). After the reboot it started flashing green, and has remained so.

Screenshot for the emon config attached (I assume this is what you were asking for - I’ve not fiddled with this for many months).


I suspect that the current log is damaged, but can’t be sure yet. Your unit is not starting up the Emoncms service. There is definite evidence of current log problems in the restarts following the power cycle.

Could you graph voltage for the past week and post that? Also, can you post the current status display with the datalogs and Emoncms tabs expanded?


Sure thing, here you go. The graphs show up blank, this applies over any time frame.

Sorry to say the current log is damaged. You will need to delete with:


Your system will restart and create a new current log. After it has been running for five minutes or so, could you post the same two items again please?


The plot thickens. I get OK from the browser after running
but now (some 15 mins after resetting) I get
iotawatt.local ’s server IP address could not be found.
but occasionally if I refresh manage to get the intro screen but is non-responsive:
IoTa has solid green with occasional (every 5 s or so) fast green flashes (no red).

That’s not good at all. It is most probably a log issue, with the history log possibly messed up as well. It does take awhile for the history log to be brought up to date, but 15 minutes is more than enough for a day and a half outage.

I’d like to figure out what happened, but that seems like a remote possibility at this point. If it’s any consolation, the release now in ALPHA has extended diagnostics for datalog issues as well as some automatic recovery code. That’s not going to help you though.

What needs to happen is that both the history log and current log need to be deleted simultaneously. That can only be done under this release by powering down the unit, removing the SDcard to another machine, and deleting /iotawatt/iotalog.log and /iotawatt/histlog.log. If you can do that, reinsert and power up, you should run OK, although there will be no history.