EMONCMS "My Electric" app - 0kWh Today

Hi all - First off, this is a great project. Thank you to all the maintainers of iotawatt and emoncms. Now to my question - I installed iotawatt a few days ago, along with a local instance of EMONCMS (stable version - 9.9.31). I’ve had the Log to feed and Power to kWh running for over 24 hours but still the My Electric app is showing 0.0 kWh TODAY and the kWh graph is empty. I do see Week/Month/Year/All data at the bottom and I’ve confirmed my Power to kWh feed is increasing. Any ideas? Is there something I missed or does this app/feed need some other configuration for iotawatt versus emon?

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Cn you show us the items you selected in the configuration of the App by clicking on the wrench icon in the top right? Make sure you have the correct feeds selected based on the usage and kWh. What is interesting is that you seem to have some kWh but maybe you are not doing the daily feed?

Mine APP setup looks like this.


Here is how I do my feeds:

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Sure @quella. Here is my Apps config:

And here are my feeds for this input:

I’m not aware of anything unique to IoTaWatt. I believe this is an EmonCMS configuration issue. Take a look at this thread from the OEM site and see if your EmonCMS timezone matches your browser timezone.

Strange - I went out for a few hours and just got home and now I see data. EMONCMS is running on the same box as the browser, so TZ is the same - both EDT. IOTAWATT TZ doesn’t matter does it? I thought I read somewhere that everything is in UTC and TZ setting only affects logs - is that correct?

Without getting into what “everything” is, the simple answer is that iotawatt timestamps it’s data with UTC and timestamps everything that it sends to EmonCMS (and influxDB) with UTC.

When I was searching OEM for content relating to MyElectric, I was looking for something I seem to recall about needing a minimum amount of history to work correctly. That would be consistent with your application suddenly starting to work.

Thanks @overeasy. I appreciate your help on this one. I thought I saw somewhere that MyElectric needed 24 hours, but it must be a bit more. Maybe I’ll find some time tomorrow to look through it’s code to see if I can find out what the magic number is. Thanks again for your help.