Emoncms support gets start/stop etc

As 02_03_07 gets burned in on ALPHA, I’ve been experiencing some WiFi dropout and exceptions on my home system. I narrowed it down to be aggravated by the Emoncms postings, but could not identify anything in particular about that. There was nothing unusual about the Emoncms transactions, but I had a MBTF of about 12 hours for a few days. The IoTaWatt did a restart after two hours, and it recovered flawlessly, so I never lost any data as a result of the problems,

In the process of working the issue, I got around to adding the start/stop, begin date, and status menu so the Emoncms is now just like influxDB. I also reduced the memory footprint by getting rid of a bunch or String class data and changing to char*.

I’m burning in this new code, and the problems appear to have gone away. Nobody reported the problem and all of the other test systems have been running without incident for nearly a week. As soon as I burn this new code for a few days I’ll put out another ALPHA.

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FYI - my IoTaWatt stopped sending to Emoncms this morning at about 6:00am. We had no issues that I know of with our WiFi router or internet service at home.

This evening I opened the IoTaWatt configuration app, pressed “Stop” on the Emoncms status (had to press “Stop” at least 3 times to actually get it to stop). Then, pressed “Start”. IoTaWatt then started sending to Emoncms and everything seems back to normal.

Id be interested in the message log.

Yea, that’s all asynchronous, so it doesn’t always work right away. Takes a little patience. Good news is it recovers.

OK, there was some WiFi disconnect at 5:22. signal strength is great. I’ll look into why the Emoncms was suspended over it. I can see the three start/stop events. problem is that the async browser status refresh wasnt keeping up with it. There’s not a lot i can do about that while keeping everything asynchronous and sampling at maximum.

let me know if it keeps happening. the wifi was working because the time updated at 15:45.

Thanks. I’ll let you know if there are any more Emoncms issues.

And going forward, I’ll be more patient when pressing “buttons” on the IoTaWatt setup browser.