Enhanced Graph not working

Hi All

I’ve never managed to have any luck with the enhanced graphs - http://[ipaddress]/graph2.htm

The page that opens has a 404 error at the top as shown below.

Any pointers on how I resolve this?


What release are you using and where did you get it?


My Firmware version is 02_04_00

This was automatically upgraded to this version.

The unit was purchased from stuff.iotawatt.com in 2018.


Maybe nothing…

in the index.htm file - it says:

<!DOCTYPE html>
**<!-- version 02_03_02 -->**
<html lang="en-US">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>IoTaWatt Configuration app</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/cnfstyle.css">

Is there a possibility ive got some elements of 2_03_02 with 2_04_00?

No, you have an element of yet to be released 02_04_01. The firmware in your release does not support the query that the new graph uses. It’s still under development. There are difficult browser compatibility issues as well, so although it may go out in the next release, it will only be as an experimental component to collect more input from users.

I wasn’t aware the client components were going out with 02_04_00.

I have received a new unit 2 weeks ago, and it is installed with 02_04_00. No graphs are working for me.
When I go into original graph, I get asked to log in, repeatedly.

The enhanced graph is a work-in-progress and not fully functional yet. With respect to the original graph, I am assuming you have set up a password. That functionality is very browser specific. I would recommend you remove the password (set it to blank) and see if the graph works. Then let me know what browser you are using and I’ll see if I can recreate your issue.

Thank you for that.
I have removed the password and the original graphs are working nicely.
I am using chrome, I have also expeirnced the issue in firefox and internet explorer.

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