Error 422 Unprocessable entity while posting to InfluxDB OSS v2

Hi all,

I am trying to connect my iotawatt to a local InfluxDB v2.4 OSS instance, and getting the following error:

2022-10-19T17:08:15.598771Z debug Request {"log_id": "0ddISHv0000", "service": "http", "method": "POST", "host": "", "path": "/api/v2/write", "query": "bucket=iota-1w&orgID=c7713b5d2d63806d&precision=s", "proto": "HTTP/1.1", "status_code": 422, "response_size": 137, "content_length": 3016, "referrer": "", "remote": "", "user_agent": "unknown", "took": "91.437ms", "error": "unprocessable entity", "error_code": "unprocessable entity"}

On the Iotawatt side:

influxDB2: Running, Last update 01/10/2022 01:00:00
Post failed 422

The bucket and the measurement exist, the API token is valid and it has write privileges to the bucket. Has anyone seen anything like this?

My configuration looks like this (I entered the full URL with http & :8086 but iotawatt simplified it when saving):


Argh, I was simply trying to post data beyond the retention period… it would be soooo nice if the device could skip over these errors to upload recent data, I have had that error in the past with influx v1 after network outages and the only workaround is to temporarily modify the retention period on the server - which can lead to OOM errors on small devices (a Raspberry Pi in my case)