Error in connecting iotawatt with internet

I removed the burden resistor as you described above and followed the usual method for installation of IOTAWATT 2 addtional VTs also added.

  1. I tried to connect IOTWATT with internet wifi at wifi manager window but I was facing a problem (LED Status : Red Green Green).Restarted the IOTWATT several time but didn’t connect.
    2.After 3 try when I power up the IOTAWTT ,it starts with dull green LED, red led start blinking and power off device.
    Please Suggest a solution.

There’s got to be more to it than that. Let’s start from the top. Did you get the IoTaWatt from the Stuff store and if so, what was the order number?

This unit was purchased from another source 4 months ago. You say that you have removed burden resistors and connected additional VTs. There is no firmware failure mode where the unit shuts down. My guess is that you have done something electrically that damaged it.

All I can do is offer to fix it if you send it to the USA and pay return postage.