ESP32 code availability

Sorry if I am asking something that has already been answered. I went through some of the blog to check if that is the case, but if it has been answered already, it may well have slipped past me.

I’m interested in looking at the Iotawatt firmware for the ESP32. I believe it’s been in development for a while, but, complete or incomplete, is any of the code available on Github? Of course I had a look on Github at …/boblemaire/IoTaWatt but that repo seems to only be for ESP8266.


Previously asked and answered in this thread…

Thanks for showing me the thread, I had not seen it.

I see that Bob answered “probably not, at least in the short term” to the question about whether the code will be open-source.

I’m wondering if that’s because he prefers to publish it only when it’s ready? There could be other reasons, but, if that’s the reason - I think it could be really useful to some of us who want to make branches to have access even to an unfinished version…