Euro AC adapter and Euro kit

I recently received samples of a couple of 230V AC adapters from Australia. They were tested and the calibrations added to the IoTaWatt configuration tables. That seems to have released some pent up demand in Australia and folks are ordering bare IoTaWatt for use down there. The Stuff store has a selection of UL 50A CTs available which seem to be a better fit than the 15A & 100A offerings elsewhere.

So now, after waiting an incredibly long lead time, I finally have some Euro plug 230V AC adapters available. These are larger and heavier than competing units available elsewhere, but they have very low phase shift which will be beneficial with new developments in IoTaWatt over the next few months.

I’m waiting now for a few Euro plug USB power supplies which should be arriving early next week. At that time, I’ll be offering a Euro package with USP power supply, AC adapter, and some selection of CTs. It will take some trial and error to see what people want in a CT package, so I’ll probably just offer discounted CT add on packs and see what happens.

This offering will leave only UK users without an offering. Quick online research tells me that a set of Euro plug adapters or a universal power strip is a viable way to use the Euro package. I’ll post here again when the package is ready to go. In the meantime I’ve added the AC adapter a-la-carte.