EuroWatt question

Is there any information about the EuroWatt sale version/revision of IoTaWatt ?
Also, what version is the node mcu?

It would be nice to have that information readily available prior to purchase…

Eurowatt is just a standard IoTaWatt with 230V power supply and AC transformer with two pin Euro plugs and a 100 Amp CT.

IoTaWatt uses nodeMCU 1.0 with ESP12S.

The Stuff site lists the components of the EuroWatt package and the IoTaWatt hardware is open source. The specifications, including noreMCU are available on the Github Repo.

OKAY… I paid via PayPal, now I’m returned to the “choose shipping method” and voila - Bulgaria is not a country listed in the drop-down menu.

So, what do we do now?

I don’t see a phone I can call about this anywhere on the site…