Extension Wire Type

Hi All,
New to Iotawatt and was wondering if I can run a 22 ga shielded 4 conductor and put a CT sensor on each pair of wires without a problem. This wire will be about 20 ft long?

Kelly in San Antonio

That should work as long as it doesn’t run close to other wiring that could create noise. I have experimented with CAT5 wire with good results.

Thanks for the reply. What would noise look like on the graph. Reason I ask is because when I ran the same wire and installed it for the dual sensors that are connected to the internal limiter on the Sun Grid Tie inverter I probably did a NO,NO and ran it in the same conduit with the 220 wiring that powers it. Haven’t seen any problems with the inverter but wonder if I there would be problems running another wire for the Iotawatt in the same conduit.

What you can do is unclamped the CT from the cable, and close it away from the wires. Then look at the IoTaWatt power reading when the inverter is outputting significantly. Anything you see is noise.