Failed 02_05_09 upgrade?

Hello Bob,
Since your last help with the ‘Empty Config.txt file - Resolved’ problem, all has been OK until mid-afternoon I noticed the status window had frozen, so I clicked the restart button in the Tools option. After an unusually long wait this ‘configuration not found’ message appeared. Config Again
Upon checking the led status it was flashing Red-Green continually until there was a short pause. This being followed by, what I assume to be, another attempt to start up, succeeded by the flashing Red-Green sequence until the next short pause. This series of events continued to repeat. Switching off the power supply, waiting and then switching it on did not clear the problem. By the way I’m based in the UK.

Viewing the contents of the microSD card contents on a pc revealed that there is an unexpected 02_05_02 file (which is empty) and the DOWNLOAD folder contains two different .bin files (with the same time stamp?).Contents MicroSd Card
As a way of possibly correcting the situation would it sensible to
a) delete the unexpected empty 02_05_02 file, and
b) delete the 02_05_02.bin file in the DOWNLOAD folder
on the microSD card?

As always I would appreciate your help and guidance please

Yesterday, 1400 UTC, MAJOR auto-update was changed from 02_05_02 to 02_05_09 as the last step to make 09 the general release. No problems were anticipated outside of Australia, where there is a download.

I’m assuming you were class MAJOR, can you confirm that?

Can you look at the status display and advise which release your unit is running?

Is it possible to retrieve and post the message log?

What is the LED status now?

Please don’t delete anything until you advise the above information. It think it will be possible to recover but exactly how depends on the requested information.


When I clicked on the status display before removing and viewing the microSD card (yesterday) nothing happened. I have just refitted the microSD card, powered up the IoTaWatt and found it is now possible to view the status display.
Firmware version: 02_05_02

IoTaWatt Message Log 07_07_20.txt (9.6 KB)

The IoTaWatt has been running for about 30 mins with a steady pulsating green.

Nothing has been deleted from or changed on the microSd card, but I have made a copy of its contents on to a PC.

Thanks for reporting this. Without getting into a lot of details, I bungled that upgrade. I have just made changes that I expect will resolve the problem. Your unit was bouncing between the two releases. It should now upgrade to 02_05_09 and stay there. Please advise when you notice that happening and if it remains on 02_05_09.

Others MAJOR users no doubt experienced the same thing.

Just checked the status and found it showing Firmware version: 02_05_09 which has been operational for roughly 35 mins.
I’m please to have been able to help you sort things out.

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