Failed SD Card Interface

It looks like the SD Card reader on my IOTAWatt device has failed.

Two days ago I had a power failure at 11am on 4/12 and wanted to see what the IOTAWatt device recorded. Strangely it didn’t have any data recorded since about 8am. The messages file says that it had been rolling since 6am. with a “dataLog: datalog WDT - restarting” as the last thing reported before it rebooted.

I looked at the status page and all the voltages and currents were zero and the scan rate about about 40 scan/second instead of the usual 400+.
I did a couple of command reboots from the Web page and it still wasn’t reporting data.

So I took it apart and pried the SD card out. It wasn’t happy to leave, but the card isn’t bent or damaged. The SD card reads fine on my PC but now I get a SD Card fail (Green/Red/Red) on the LED and it won’t boot up far enough to make a web page.

I have tried a couple of other SD cards (4G, 32G, 128G) in the system and I get the same LED Code.

Now what?

What was the order number?

The Paypal receipt says it’s Invoice ID: WC-2888 from Jun 25, 2019.