Fast Flashing Green

I cannot keep my unit connected. When I first pulled it from the box it worked great. Then I noticed it seemed to disconnect. Then I would reboot and get access once again but my CT setup was not the last saved. It did this a few more times. No I cannot get access via iotawatt.local. The green light is rapid flashing.

If I turn off the wifi I can access the AP mode. I put in the correct info and it still does not work. I looked at the log txt and it is connecting to the correct wifi and sometimes it seems to have the correct time and other times it says 0. So it is obvious I have pulled the SD card.


You might want to have a look at the docs page if you have not. There are LED codes, but I do not see any for rapid flashing green only. There may also be some additional troubleshooting details there as well.


Can you reach it at the IP if not via “iotawatt.local” when connected? When you have it on WiFi, do you get the correct LED sequence showing a valid connection and config?

Since you have pulled the SD card, can you upload the /iotawatt/iotamsgs.txt file please?