Faster Energy Usage Readings to HA

I am looking for a way to get the current energy usage of at least one of the input channels updated in Home Assistant must faster than the standard update time of 30 seconds. I am not so worried about the historical data flowing to HA at 30 second intervals but I need faster energy usage readings so that HA can perform load shedding.
The web UI for IoTaWatt seems to update the current readings very fast so hopefully this can be tapped into without over stressing the IoTaWatt processor. Any suggestions?

The HA integration is user contributed and maintained. I believe the person doing that monitors the IoTaWatt thread in the HA forum. The way it works, data is available at5 second intervals, but it is a pull process and the integration needs to pull more frequently.

I have tried a custom configuration of the IoToWatt integration which allowed me to increase the polling interval but I started getting errors in the HA log which seemed to suggest that the IoToWatt device needed more time between polling. I assume this is because HA is requesting to update all of the readings / history and this is probably a little taxing on the processor. I was hoping there may be another integration possibility that just returns the live data just as the IoTaWatt web GUI does.
I will try a post on the HA forum too. Thanks

Prior to this integration, there were some other efforts that used the status display API. You can research that in the HASS forum and this forum.