Faster sampling rate

Im chasing the ability to be able to get the data at 1 second intervals, Im using it to log the cycle time on some hardware and have the data going to influx db but the 5s sample is causing some issues, i can see that others have changed this in the past but the new version seems to be different to the ones documented. Has anyone had any success with quicker sample times?

This article came to mind:

Or, I should say, the concept that the article is supposed to be about.

Iotawatt is not designed to tell you the cycle time of a piece of equipment. But, just like a hammer can screw in a nail (poorly) it can do it. It is designed to be a long term energy meter.

I use Tasmota running on an ESP8266 or ESP32 based device when I need cycle time. You can use a CT and some additional circuitry to determine when power is flowing.

Well you know what they say, “when your only tool is a hammer everything looks like a nail”
Im interested to learn more about your setup with tasmota if you are willing to share?