Fault Recording or motor inrush current?

Does anyone know what the short duration inrush or fault current which will be stored in the maximum values?

Would a 100ms motor start current be stored in the maximum values for example?

I am wondering if a iotawatt could be used to detect an intermittent ground fault on a panel (we have a fault which shows up about once a month). There is a 150ms trip time on the main breaker, so I am hoping it could pick that up, even if it were good enough to provide an integration of a 500ms interval, that would likely be enough of a change to find it.

The IoTaWatt aggregates samples for 5 seconds, so any short duration abnormality would average into that. Moreover, the inputs are sampled round robin, approximately one every 25ms (30ms @ 50Hz). If you have 10 inputs configured, each is sampled about every 250ms.

So I don’t think this is the tool for the job.