[feature Request] Allowing to pair iotawatt sensors with other or shelly PM


I ran out of ports a while ago on my iotawatt, and today I got more circuit installed.
It was connected to a sub-board. That sub-board is connected via a 32A 3-phase circuit, for which I have 3 CT sensors connected to it at the main board.

I can’t add a sensor for just that new circuit. For now I got a cheap Shelly 1 PM that can do power/energy measurement.

It would be nice if we could either have multiple iotawatt configured together and makes output sensor combining two different iotawatt.

Or allow iotawatt to also fetch data from an external device like a iotawatt and allow to run basic operation.

This is where you need to use something like influxdb to capture and integrate the data for you. It is the same solution for people with multiple iotawatts.

  1. Set up an InfluxDB database on an always on device (Raspberry Pi works well if you have one).
  2. Feed the data from the Shelly into InfluxDB (there are lots of tutorials on this on the web using Telegraph or MSQTT/Node Red)
  3. Configure the IoTaWatt to upload to InfluxDB (really easy)
  4. Use something like Grafana (installed on the same always on device) to do the pretty graphical reporting - there is some graphing in influx but it is very basic.
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maybe i should start checking on that.

Right now, I’m using Home Assistant’s template to combine everything. But it’s very fragile and it doesn’t handle well when the data reset

As I understand it you feed influx to HASS. I wonder what they do about UUID?

UPDATE: Looking at the influx integration, if I read it correctly, the entity ID is just the name assigned in the YAML configuration. No UUID. Wonder how they think that’s different from an IoTaWatt output?

Is the sensor created assigned a unique id ?

Otherwise, it’s obviously coming from a stubborn dev who has decided he’s not going to change his mind.
It makes zero sense what they imposed. Highly frustrating.

With the new templates, you can now assign a unique_id that let you then configure the look with the GUI