Feature request: Multiple PVoutput systems

I have two inverters as we recently upgraded. I’d like to send generation for each inverter individually to a different PVoutput “child” systems and consumption to a “parent” system and have PVoutput aggregate the generation data from the child systems, so that I can track how each inverter is performing against estimates individually, because each inverter has different spec panels at a different orientation on the roof, and I have prepared estimates for each via pvwatts.

I can only see a way to add a single PVoutput web server in IoTaWatt setup. I saw an old post on the forum that multiple services would be possible once async HTTP was done and that it would take a few weeks. But I think that was referring to multiple different services, not multiple instances of the same service.

I will say that it is possible, particularly with PVoutput that was implemented as a class that can be instantiated. That said, the work to do it, provide the UI to configure and control, documentation, and of course testing, is not warranted by a single, or even several requests. A much more practical solution is to simply use another IoTaWatt to upload the second inverter output. The VT can be split, and so it would require only the base unit and a 50Amp CT.

And it’s a solution available right now.

Another alternative is to modify the firmware yourself. It’s open and available on Github.