Feature request: "Split" button on status page

I love that the status page is basically a realtime view (1s updates), but when trying to determine exactly how many power a particular appliance is using on a general power points circuit (for example), it’d be really handy to have a “split” button on the status page that when activated will freeze the current values for all inputs and outputs and then start showing a split value for each, and keeping the split value updated every 1s.

So then I could walk through the house, hit split, turn on the appliance, and see roughly the actual consumption of the appliance at a glance with its value updating in real time. This is assuming that before activating the split feature, consumption on the circuit was relatively stable.

Thanks for an awesome product and support!

The new Graph+ that is in ALPHA auto-update right now might be a better tool for that. When you select a predefined period that ends in the present, you can click “refresh” and it will refresh on the interval. If the period selected is “last 10 minutes” the grouping will be 5 seconds and it will update on 5 second intervals. You can see graphically when an appliance is turned on or off. Here’s a little 30 second video where I turn on a 100Watt light in my office/lab. The background power is my computer with two monitors.

@overeasy that looks awesome. Like the “live view” in Solar Analytics (a graph with 5 second updates).

I think the split option on the status page would probably still be better and easier (or at least just as good and easier to use) for the purpose of identifying real-time appliance consumption throughout the house.

It could probably be implemented completely in the front-end without any additional work done by the IoTaWatt. Freeze the current values and diff the frozen and current values to get the split. The UI could just display the split while the feature is active so there are no changes to the UI required beyond a split button.

The live 1s updates on the status page are great, and feel super responsive. 5s updates is fast (and I think I’d also use that from time to time), but still doesn’t feel really real-time.

And I bet that graph interface isn’t as easy to read/use on a mobile phone, especially as you don’t get a precise number and have to estimate according to the scale markers roughly what the value is.

I’ll have a go at doing it myself and report back.