Few questions before purchase

I have one main 200 amp panel outside near the meter. This panel feeds another 200 amp panel inside which controls most household electrical. The external panel also feeds a number of subpanels that are located around the home, workshop, outside spa, HVAC units, mini split, water heaters, etc. I’m trying to determine how best to get the Iotawatt installed.

The outside 200 amp panel is mounted on the side of the house and has no power outlets around it. How would I plug in the two IotaWatt power cables in this case? Does this mean another jbox with an electrical outlet tied to a breaker in the main panel?

If I monitor at the main, there is no way for me to break down individual circuit usage from the internal 200 amp panel correct? I’m thinking I would see the total load for that panel as recorded from the main but not be able to pinpoint usage of say refrigerators or washer/dryers without the purchase of a second IotaWatt installed in that interior 200 amp panel.

Any clarification will be helpful so I can determine my purchase needs.