File damaged: grid.log. No auto-recovery

Hi there,

My Iotawatt was working fine for many months. All of a sudden I stopped being able to access it.

Upon inspection it’s showing a red-green-red corrupted data log sequence. The auto-recovery that’s described doesn’t seem to be working - have let it run for many hours without resolution.

What’s also strange is that I can’t access it over the network, except for a very brief couple of seconds immediately after startup. I was able to pull the logs during this brief window, which just show this repeatedly:

** Restart **

SD initialized.
4/10/23 23:57:11z Real Time Clock is running. Unix time 1681171031
4/10/23 23:57:11z Reset reason: Software/System restart
4/10/23 23:57:11z Trace: 1:6[3], 1:5[14], 1:6[4], 14:0, 14:4, 14:5, 14:7, 14:8, 14:5, 14:7, 14:8, 1:6[6], 1:1[4], 1:2[5], 9:0[5], 9:0, 9:1, 8:3[5], 8:3, 9:2, 1:3, 1:3, 1:6[1], 1:6[3], 1:5[33], 1:6[4], 33:0, 33:1, 33:2, 33:10, 33:10, 33:10
4/10/23 23:57:11z ESP8266 ID: 487405, RTC M41T81 (68)
4/10/23 23:57:11z IoTaWatt 5.0, Firmware version 02_08_02
4/10/23 23:57:11z SPIFFS mounted.
4/11/23 09:57:11 Local time zone: +10:00
4/11/23 09:57:11 device name: IotaWatt
4/11/23 09:57:11 HTTP server started
4/11/23 09:57:11 timeSync: service started.
4/11/23 09:57:11 statService: started.
4/11/23 09:57:11 dataLog: service started.
4/11/23 09:57:11 dataLog: Last log entry 04/11/23 09:52:10
4/11/23 09:57:16 historyLog: service started.
4/11/23 09:57:16 historyLog: Last log entry 04/11/23 09:51:00
4/11/23 09:57:16 grid: Started
4/11/23 09:57:17 IotaLog: file damaged /iotawatt/integrations//grid.log

4/11/23 09:57:17 IotaLog: Creating diagnostic file.

Then it just goes into the next restart. Not really sure what I can do to resolve this? Any suggestions?

Hmmm. It looks like the integration datalog is damaged. There is no recovery for that. If you can remove the SDcard, you can try deleting the file at /iotawatt/integrations/grid.log.

There was a bad batch of SDcards discovered after some 300 were shipped. If you got the unit from the USA, what was your order number. If you bought it from a local source, it probably had one of the bad cards. You should consider replacing it in any event.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I went ahead and removed the SD card and deleted that file manually. All working again now! Thanks for the help!

I did order mine from a local source around April 2022 (which I think was before the bad batch of cards went out).

You may want to invest $10 and replace that card.