Flashing LEDs, 2 Green Followed by 1 Red (GGR)

My Iotawatt Hub became unreachable and I had to unplug it. It did not come back online. When looking at the LEDs I get what I stated above in the topic title.
I rebooted the router as well and nothing seems to work. Help!!!

Can you double check that LED sequence please? There is no GGR defined in the code. Please power cycle and check the LED again.

You must be a genius.
I could not get at my unit easily and misread the LEDs. I unplugged the unit and dismounted. The unit was unplugged for 5-10 minutes and after I plugged it back in I noticed it flashed GG pause GG but that did not last long. The LED started to flicker/flash green and I sensed that was more like the norm. I check on my PC and voila. All back to normal.

Not sure what caused this but it appears leaving it unplugged for a few minutes seemed to fix it. Does that make sense?

Not quite. On some units, the red is not very bright, and I suspect what you were getting was RGG indicating that it was in AP mode because it did not connect after power up. If it then connects, it will go to dull green indicating normal operation. If it does not connect after three minutes, it will go to dull red, which is normal operation but not connected to WiFi.

Take a look at your message log. You may find that WiFi signal strength is poor or that for whatever other reason it periodically disconnects.

After I rebooted the hub I was watchng my router log. The hub appeared to connect fine however…
The Iotawatt log had the following entry:
2/27/23 14:28:11 Did not connect after power-fail. Restarting to reset WiFi.

After the restart I got this
2/27/23 14:31:58 WiFi connected. SSID=CKZ_2HA, IP=, channel=11, RSSI -52db

but I still could not connect nor ping the hub

After the second restart with the 5-10 min delay I got the same log entry but was connected.
Oh well, I am back on and happy :grinning: