G-R-R-G led sequence

Add me to the list of folks with sd failures. I just bought my iotawatt on 10/8/2022. Installed on 10/19/2022. Updates set to major. Was working great till yesterday, when I got g-r-r-g bad config file. Unit is being polled by home assistant.

This doesn’t look like the same thing, although the timing is right (You bought it Nov 8). Invalid config is different. Your unit should be operating in recovery mode, not sampling because without a config it doesn’t know what to sample, but the web server should be up, and you should be able to run the file manager.

If you can run the app, please post the message log.

If you can run the file manager, would you post a screenshot of the SD directory like this?
Then right click on config.txt and select download, upload that file to response.