Generic CT and turns

I have a bunch of generic CT’s that came with a home automation system from ‘Openmotics’. they are 12Aac, 25Aac and 50Aac. I have about 20 of them so would be good to use them. Unfortunately they have no model number, except for one which i found on a site (25Aac) and the specification indicated !:3000 ratio which I presume is the number of turns.

Is there some way of determining or calibrating like you can for power reference?
Could I compare the output from one that you have supplied?

simple minded sorry
kind regards daniel

A 3000 turns 25A CT will produce 8.3mA at 25A primary. IoTaWatt inputs measure 0-50A. There are a lot of other things that could go wrong or lead to inaccuracy, but you could plug it in and configure it as generic with 3000 turns and see what happens.

You can try. Power measurement is a dynamic process. Factors like CT phase shift (which changes with primary current) can cause problems and the CT may not have enough power to drive the 20 Ohm burden causing distortion, but there is a decent chance it will work.

Thank you for your advice