Grafana 9.3.1 centre gauge now working

The basic gauge in Grafana now has the ability to set the neutral point wherever you want (version 9.3.1)

In practical terms this means that we can show import/export on the same gauge - without the colouring starting from the minimum point.

Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 17.29.19

In this example the minimum is -9 the maximum +9 and the neutral set at 0.

The neutral doesn’t have to be a whole number, the max and min don’t have to be ‘matched’ evenly (though it is nicer if the neutral is at the top in my opinion)

I couldn’t find the neutral setting to begin with so did a search on the options on ‘neutral’ and it showed up - not sure if I missed it the first time or there was some caching from before I did the update to 9.3.1). Screenshot below shows where it should be (With Neutral set at zero)

Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 17.35.45

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