Graph Data Viewer CSV Feed as column title

it would be very helpful if you would add the feed value of as title of the CSV columns :wink:
Basically on the same way of Headers selection on

A save button would be a good nice to have…

Yea, the graph facility is a fork of the Emoncms graph taken about a year ago. It was modified to use the IoTaWatt API to get data, and also to work asynchronously, which improves the UI quite a bit. So the last round of changes to graph in Emoncms cannot be easily merged into the IoTaWatt graph fork. I had offered to work with OEM back then to move the asynchronous changes into their version, but they took a pass on that. IMO, the IoTaWatt graph is more responsive and offers good capability to view the data. If I’m going to do more work on it, vs replace it, I think I would invest the time into making the time frame more functional, much like grafana.

You can save graph specifications with IoTaWatt. If you are looking for a screenshot ability, give the new Firefox screenshot capability a try.