Graph+: Days begin/end at 4pm?

In Graph+, whenever using the pre defined date+time ranges (today, yesterday, this month, etc) the start/end time of each day is always set to 4pm (or 5pm for days before daylight savings).

So the default ‘Today’: if it is before 4pm on the current day, you get 4pm yesterday until now. If it’s after 4pm, you get 4pm today until now. Not at all what I’d expect.

Here’s ‘2 days ago’:

My time zone is set to 0, and allow daylight savings is enabled. Data is being logged to the correct time, and the time at the end of the current log name is accurate on the status page. My Iotawatt updated from 02_06_06 to 02_07_04 yesterday (beta), but the issue has persisted through both versions.

This is a mismatch between the local time that IoTaWatt has and the local time your browser is set to. I’m guessing you are on PST where you have your IoTaWatt set to UTC.

Well im not sure how or why the only thing that effects is the presets in graph+… Every single place time is displayed on the iotawatt is accurate to the current local time out of the box with time zone 0, and now also with it changed to -8. Log files, status page, the data itself, all already had the correct time.

It’s incredibly unclear.

Time is one of the most difficult things to comprehend in programming systems that run globally. Not only are there 24+ different time-zones, but in most of the technologically developed countries there are two days per year where the time-zone changes during the day and there are 23 hours in one and 25 hours in the other.

IoTaWatt runs on UTC time. It gets that from network time servers. All data is logged using UTC. When you run your query asking for the data from 2 days ago, IoTaWatt uses the local time offset to determine what UTC time corresponds to the start and end of the local day. It then sends the data back timestamped with UTC time.

You are indicating that you are in time zone -8, probably PST. 16:00 local time is 00:00UTC. Your browser interprets that as 16:00 or 4:00pm. So what you get is 16:00 PST three days ago to 16:00 PST two days ago. That was two days ago to someone at the prime meridian.

You’re right, it’s incredibly unclear. Trust me, if you set your IoTaWatt to the correct local time, it will all work.

BTW/ I dispute that your message log was displaying your local time. All entries should have been marked with a “z” for zulu or UTC time.