Graph2 - Embedded Mode

Starting this thread as a continuation of a conversion from a pull request related to an embedded mode for the Graph+ functionality. This will allow a saved graph to be displayed on a tablet without the controls.

Related PRs, commits and branches:

Rendered documentation covering the new query string parameters

Summary of the Graph+ changes

  • The Refresh / Freeze status is retained when saving a graph
  • There’s a new optional query string parameter, graph, which can be set to the name of a saved graph so that it’s automatically loaded
  • There’s a new optional query string parameter, embed, which when specified hides all of the controls showing only the graph itself
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Thanks to @yngndrw for his work on this. The files are currently in the Graph+-embed branch on Github. The files are here for anyone anxious to try it out.

graph2.htm (20.1 KB) graph2.js (48.8 KB)

See the docs here for how to upload to IoTaWatt.