Graphs tab shows data dump above graph section

Using version 02_03_10 the following happens only when selecting an Output. The nulls are no problem, since I’ve been doing some tests and the inputs have been disconnected most of the time.

Thanks a lot for the continued assistance.

I think I see the problem. I’m guessing that somewhere along the way, your VT was unplugged and the IoTaWatt was recording zero voltage. The way the data is stored, Amps are computed by dividing VA by Voltage. If you look real hard at the pink Json data above, you will find one of the values is [inf]. It’s kind of like “where’s Waldo”.

Anyway, not your problem. I’ve fixed the development version to return [null] instead of [inf] and tested here. I think if you display just the output Vinput_1 for the same time period as the failure with the current outputs, you will see that the voltage goes to zero briefly.

So going forward, you should be able to plot those outputs as long as they don’t include the time period where voltage is zero, and when you get the next release (this is what I meant about staying MINOR vs NONE), the problem will disappear entirely, including when accessing this historic data.

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Thanks again for replying. The project is going well. We’re extending the cables and will install the IotaWatt units early next week.